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Make Your ER Visit Quicker With This One Simple Tool

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There’s never an ideal time for a visit to the emergency room, but when the need for emergency care arises, sitting in the waiting room certainly won’t help ease your nerves.

You can take control of your wait times by reserving an ER treatment time using InQuickER, our online reservation tool. For non-life- or limb-threatening emergencies, you can schedule your appointment from the comfort of your home and arrive at a time that works for you.

Remember, in a limb- or life-threatening medical emergency — including heart attack or stroke symptoms — call 911 right away, do not use InQuickER.

Emergency Care on Your Time

With InQuickER, you can now schedule an emergency room visit and wait from the comfort of your own home. View the available treatment times online before heading to the hospital and choose a pre-set time that’s most convenient for you. Our ER experts will be expecting you upon your arrival.

Here’s how the InQuickER process works:

  • Reserve a treatment time online
  • Complete a brief, secure form
  • Receive a confirmation with directions and details
  • Wait at home until it’s time for your appointment

InQuickER works to eliminate your wait time in the ER and reduce your paperwork once you arrive, cutting down on your overall time spent at the emergency department. You can also view wait time stats for other AdventHealth emergency departments near you to see which have the earliest availability.

When to Use InQuickER

Scheduling a reservation with InQuickER is an available option for any non-life- or limb-threatening emergencies.

Some possible instances to use InQuickER may include:

  • Broken bones that have not pierced the skin
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Minor cuts that require stitches
  • Persistent fevers

If you are experiencing chest pain, trouble breathing, symptoms of a stroke or severe injury or dismemberment, call 911 immediately to be taken to your nearest ER.

Our West Florida communities can count on InQuickER for quick and convenient care from our expert emergency care team. At every facility, we take extra measures to help you be seen quickly and make the ER process as easy as possible.

Choose Your ER Time With InQuickER

Your time and well-being matter to us. When it comes to emergency care, we know easing your mind is just as important as meeting your needs. For expert emergency care on your schedule, consider reserving your ER treatment time with InQuickER.

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