Make Your Doctor Visits a Positive Experience

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The doctor-patient relationship is a powerful connection— in fact, several studies emphasize that a positive doctor-patient relationship can boost your health outcomes. We have some tips to help benefit your next doctor visit — and your long-term health, too.

Give This Important Information

Volunteer the following information at each doctor visit:

  • Tell your doctor how you prefer to receive medical information. Are you up for in-depth medical details or do you desire simple instructions? Tell your doctor your preferences so he or she can tailor to your communication style.
  • Share all you can about your current symptoms, your health and family history and any allergies.
  • Write down all of your medications, including vitamins and supplements, and bring the list with you.
  • Bring X-rays, test results, and any other relevant records from other medical providers to your appointment as well.

Get the Details

You deserve to have a clear understanding of your health and your doctor’s advice. To get the information that you need, follow these tips.

  • Write down the questions you have for your doctor before your visit.
  • Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to say you don’t understand something your doctor says.
  • Take notes during the appointment or bring a family member to do so.
  • Ask your doctor if you can record your session.
  • Request brochures or other written sources of information about your condition or treatment.

Call with Updates

Call your primary care physician in between visits if you have questions, if you experience side effects from your medicines, and if you have new symptoms or a significant change in health status.

Your whole health is important to us. Connect with one of primary care experts today by calling Call844-362-2329 to establish a positive patient-doctor relationship that nurtures your body, mind and spirit.

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