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Four Ways Athletic Trainers Support Players’ Whole Health

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Out of all the parts of a sports team — the players, the coaching staff and the fans — one member remains behind the scenes.

They're athletic trainers, and at AdventHealth, they take pride when their players thrive. That includes keeping them strong as well as helping them regain their strength and optimal performance after an injury.

Here are four ways athletic trainers support their team’s whole health on and off the ice.

They keep players in the game.

Athletic trainers are known for helping athletes recover, but they would prefer to prepare athletes so that injury doesn't happen in the first place.

Nutrition, strength and flexibility are elements of health for all athletes, though fitting these pieces together for an individual demands a tailored approach. Athletic trainers must know each person's strengths and weaknesses to create an individualized training plan.

They are there to help heal injuries.

Of course, an injury can happen to even the most well-trained athlete, and when misfortune strikes, athletic trainers are often the first to a player's side with a rehab protocol based on the injury. Athletic trainers develop a plan to help heal the area as well as continue to strengthen the rest of the body.

This approach helps keep the athlete active and fit while reducing their time loss, or the time an athlete must spend getting back into peak performance.

They're a voice for the players.

Players are under intense pressure to perform, day in and day out.

When an athlete's health and wellness are at stake, an athletic trainer can be their advocate. Athletic trainers tap the strong relationships they've formed, including with coaches.

Athletic trainers are often the liaison between the coach and the player, advising the coach when an athlete is strong enough to get back in the game. With that, there’s a trusting relationship that forms between the athletic trainer, the coach and the player.

They support each player’s whole health.

Athletic trainers are knowledgeable about anatomy, nutrition, mental health, rehabilitation, clinical diagnosis and exercise physiology. They work collaboratively with many medical and team members to facilitate the whole health of every person under their training and care. AdventHealth's athletic trainers work with athletes just like you every day.

As the official health and wellness partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, learn more about how we are supporting the whole health of Lightning fans in your community.

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