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Specialized Ear, Nose and Throat Care for Children of All Ages

Your child's physical and development growth is important. At AdventHealth, our goal to raise awareness of the ear, nose and throat conditions that impact kids from birth to age 18, and to ensure they get the specialized care they need to live their best lives. Here, our specialists provide advanced care for pediatric ENT conditions, from common to the most complex — all delivered in a way that makes you and your child feel heard, safe and supported.

Child-Centered ENT Care

Our pediatric ENT physicians have the know-how to work with children. By creating a caring environment where kids understand their condition and feel comfortable talking about their health, we can:

  • Craft a customized treatment plan with your child’s unique lifestyle in mind
  • Fully understand your child’s ENT symptoms and diagnose their condition
  • Support your child’s overall health as he or she grows into their full potential

Improved Quality of Life

Your child’s ears, nose and throat are part of an intricately connected system that helps them experience the world around them. So even though ear infections are a common reason parents take their children to the doctor, they aren’t the only reason kids could need specialized ear, nose and throat (ENT) care.

Left untreated, childhood ENT conditions can have lifelong consequences, including hearing loss — making prompt diagnosis and comprehensive treatment crucial to ensure the best possible outcome. Whether the answer to your child’s pain and discomfort is prescription medication or a surgical procedure, you can have peace of mind knowing we’re here to help them feel healthier, happier and ready for play.

Common Pediatrics ENT Conditions We Treat


Even if your child already sees an allergist, chronic asthma and allergies can lead to inflammation of the sinuses. When your child needs additional support, we’ll work closely with pediatric allergy and immunology specialists to help your child find relief.

Earaches and ear infections

Even though earaches and ear infections are quite common, they can cause children a great deal of discomfort. When ear pain, dizziness, fever, redness, fluid buildup and sleep disturbances get in the way, we’re here to support your family. Often, antibiotics are all that’s needed to get your child back in action. However, if ear infections become chronic, surgery (PE tubes) may be needed to help drain the fluid.

Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing

If your child snores and is living with a lack of sleep that makes them feel less than their best, pediatric sleep-disordered breathing could be to blame. Most often caused by large tonsils and adenoids, this condition can be diagnosed with an assessment of your child’s health history and a physical exam. Occasionally, we also recommend a sleep study to better understand your child’s condition. And depending on their age and physical development, treatment may include tonsil and adenoid surgery or just monitoring of the condition over time.

Swimmer’s ear

The water we swim in can contain bacteria — and when it gets caught in your child’s ear after swimming, an infection can develop that causes ear pain, redness and swelling, itchiness inside the ear, and pus or excess drainage. You can help prevent swimmer’s ear by encouraging your child to swim with a swim cap, use earplugs and dry their ears thoroughly after a swim. Treatment for swimmer’s ear may include antibiotic ear drops, over-the-counter pain medication and oral antibiotics for severe cases.


When your child’s tonsils become inflamed — which is usually caused by a bacterial or viral infection such as strep or a common cold — symptoms can include sore throat, fever, pain or difficulty swallowing and a scratchy voice. Swollen tonsils can make it hard to breathe, especially during sleep. In the case of recurrent tonsillitis, your child’s doctor may recommend surgery, which will help lessen frequent infections.

Other Treatments We Offer:

• Allergy treatment

• Nasal and sinus disorder surgery

• Tongue-tie release

• Corrective breathing surgery

• Snoring or sleep disorder surgery

• Tonsil and adenoid removal

• Ear tubes

• Thyroid surgery

• Voice and swallowing treatment

• Hearing treatment

The sooner we detect an ENT condition, the faster your child can get back to doing all the things they love.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of an ENT condition, make an appointment today.

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