Find Care Where You Are

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get expert medical attention and whole-health support through all of life's ups and downs. With different levels of care in your community, you have options to address your family's unique needs.

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  • Emergency Care

    For serious and life-threatening conditions, turn to any of the 14 easy-to-find AdventHealth emergency rooms throughout the area. Whether it's a broken bone or chest pain, we're committed to providing you with efficient and effective ER care around the clock.

  • Urgent Care

    When you need quick medical attention for a non-life threatening condition, stop in at one of Centra Care's 27 convenient neighborhood locations. Each urgent care facility offers board-certified doctors who can be seen with or without an appointment.

  • Kids Urgent Care

    If your child is facing a sore throat or last-minute school physical, the teams at Centra Care Kids are here for them. Staffed with board-certified pediatricians, they're prepared to see and treat children from newborn to 21.

  • Video Visits

    Access personalized care in the palm of your hand. When you use the AdventHealth app on your smartphone or tablet, you can schedule a Video Visit — a convenient virtual appointment with an AdventHealth provider — anytime, anywhere.

Know Where to Go

If you're experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Condition Urgent Care Emergency Room eCare app
Allergies X   X
Asthma X X  
Back Pain X   X
Bronchitis X   X
Chest Pain   X  
Cold, Flu or Fever X   X
Concussion   X  
Cough X   X
Coughing up blood   X  
Cuts (stitches) X    
Deep wounds   X  
Diarrhea X    
Difficulty breathing   X  
Ear infection X   X
Fractures (broken bone, not visible) X    
Fractures (broken bone is visible)   X  
Headaches X    
Heart attack (suspected)   X  
Infections X    
Major head injury   X  
Major trauma (sudden physical injury)   X  
Minor burns X    
Nausea (feeling like you may vomit) X   X
Pink eye X   X
Poison exposure or swallowing*   X  
Rash (and other skin conditions, like poison ivy and eczema) X    
Seizure   X  
Severe allergic reactions   X  
Severe burns   X  
Shock   X  
Sinus infection X   X
Snake bite   X  
Sore Throat X   X
Sprains X    
Stroke (suspected)   X  
Uncontrollable breathing   X  
Urinary tract infections X   X
Vomiting X   X


Nationally Recognized Expertise

AdventHealth is a national leader in whole-person health care. We're proud to maintain the high standards of safety and quality that you deserve.

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